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About Us

Urban Outreach Association Griffin Inc. (UOA) is a non-profit community organization founded by Reginald B. Watts of Griffin, GA. As if like a chameleon, UOA has taken on many forms since its conception five years ago. However, one single theme has remained consistent. We are first a godly-based organization with God at the helm, walking in the will of God for God’s people. We are a group of people led by God for the sole purpose of creating a better community, we are men and woman of every race color and creed who try to lead by example. In Genesis 4:9, God said “Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is Abel your brother?” And he said, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?” Members of UOA believe

"Yes, we are our brother's keeper"

The Mission

The mission of Urban Outreach Association is to change the culture within our community and raise citizen’s awareness of independence, self responsibility and community safety.

The Vision

Our vision is to be the voice of the community and exhibit a strong presence by bridging the gap between Law enforcement and the community, seeing that every eligible citizen in the community is registered to vote, and empowering our youth for greatness.

Our Goals

The goals of Urban Outreach Association, Inc. are:

  • Help build strong character in young men & women

  • Introduce the youth to a world outside of their neighborhoods

  • To help stem back the tide of youth violence

  • To help bridge the gap between law enforcement & the community

  • To be supported by our communities in every way, including financially

  • To encourage those in our communities to register to vote and exercise their rights to do so

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